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Happy Monday Folks, Rick O Here coming at you guys live. I know it’s SERIOUSLY Popping right now. We just got our 14 day analysis and you folks are just HERE. So while I don’t have much to update you with, I did tell myself I’d get on the website and talk a little bit […]

Hey Folks! I wanted to holler at you guys for a minute before I headed out for a weekend of gaming and hanging out with my better half. So we have had some good news come our way over the past few weeks and it gets better. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for […]

Hey Folks! Everyones favorite dedicated news crew here Rick O The Terrible here to report a few findings today. We’re still working on some new stuff with the website, I decided to take a couple days off and relax since we’ve been on the grind for about 3 weeks now. We’re really pulling things back […]

So we have been on a tear through the website and through the back end as of recently. I didn’t want to leave folks hanging with the journal and the website news. We have been keeping you guys busy and it seems like folks are really enjoying the new set up with the AutoDJ. It’s […]

Hey Folks! Wanted to update you guys on some information that has been streaming to us as we are gathering it about the JuggaloIRC Chat. We are 110% Aware that the KiwiIRC Module for WordPress is NOT working. We have a better explanation as we have been monitoring the situation for over 48 hours now. […]

Hey Folks! How are my favorite people doing today! I know we have had some readers as of late because I’m actually getting fan questions in the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Community as well as the HatchetShack Discord. So it’s pretty cool that people are reading the stories and points of views that I’m writing. Look […]