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  To be honest who expected this killer line up to Rockville coming at you folks, It’s amazing that we are even going to get a huge festival with tons and tons of artists that we all love, and love to hate. This is something extra special if you ask anyone here at HatchetRadio because […]

Hey My Homies! What’s up this is Rick O I wanted to kind of update you on the bottom update a bit more because I know you guys like reading posts. So we are starting to ready the ship for production in 2024. When we do that we have to go through all of our […]

What is shaking all of our HatchetRadio Fam & Friends. Hell of a lot of input today. We added some new events from all the big festivals this year. Hopefully you can find what you’re looking for and information as it comes in. I know it’s a bit late in the game for some of […]

Welcome! I was hoping to get a few views on this since we still have traffic coming in and out of the website. I know that it’s been a good minute since we had a talk, and I just wanted to thank you folks. I sat back last week, wanting to write this but I […]

  This came over from our homie Jellyroll who will be performing at Rocklahoma September 2-4 2022. We will be keeping up with any tour changes of course for you guys. Due to CDC guidelines if anything comes up with the tour we will keep you informed, However this is looking like a pretty good […]

  Well Folks it looks like Whitney Peyton is hitting up Hawaii for the first time. She’s also looking for some acts to get into the Next Door Tour on August 23rd. This is pretty much all the information we have gathered for right now. Just keep tuned in for more or our next level […]

  What’s shaking Fans. This came in over from DJ Clay’s Facebook Page. Apparently September 2-4th (Labor Day Weekend) is when it’s going down. Seems interesting¬†Tom Wood Float Events are available here, Tickets are also available on the same website.  

What’s up homies! Rick O Here coming at you with a little bit of news. This came from our Native Georgian Resident Leffy who’s geeking out at the fact that we’re even covering this on the website. Nerd Culture baby, Anyways she has reported the pricing in for Dragon Con Tickets as of right now. […]

What’s Shaking HatchetRadio Fans! Got some information on an upcoming show for the 2 Dope Funhouse Show June 17th, 2022 Show Featuring Shaggy 2 Dope, Ouija Macc, Big Hoodoo, & DJ Clay. Tickets are available¬†Here . For those of you who wanna get out of the house a little early this summer instead of reading […]

Comic Con Dates Have been Added to the Live Events Calendar! Check them out!