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Hey Folks! Welcome back to HatchetRadio and of course Happy 21st Birthday (Sorry way late on that one), had some things happen in life and moving forward have had the opportunity to fix some things. We are moving forward with the 21st Season of HatchetRadio. Continuing to Grow. I wanna give a shoutout to the […]

Well Hello Folks, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from over here at HatchetRadio. I hope everyone had a very fruitful and adventurous holiday season. I wanted to kind of give you guys a little itty bitty mini update on Christmas Day. So here it is! So we will be continuing our production & development in […]

WHAT IS UP MY FRIENDS! Rick O here coming at you guys loudly, wanted to drop a few notes for the weekend before I head out to Lake Tahoe for some R&R with my better half. I want to pass on a couple of updates coming this week and  few changes you’ll see. We’re doing […]

Hey folks! Rick O here, coming at you guys live, and a bit later than normal. So I had to take a couple of updates down, because after reading them they came off a bit.. harsh, which wasn’t the intent, sometimes you get busy and you’re just typing out and trying to get an update […]

   According to various sources on the internet including IGN, E3 is permanently cancelled, which comes to no surprise considering the 2022 E3 was also cancelled for what seems to be the very same reason. “After more than two decades of hosting an event that has served as a central showcase for the U.S. and […]

Hey Folks! Welcome to another episode of HatchetRadio News, I’m your host Rick O Coming at you guys live. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2-3 months (More so the past year) you’ve heard some leaked images, leaked game play, leaked trailers and now they’ve released an Official Trailer for […]