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Name: Rick “Rick O The Terrible” Pease

Job Title: Co-Owner, Web Adminstrator, On Air Talent, Host, Cohost

Location: Elizabethtown Kentucky

Website(s): HatchetRadio, TheSixth(2000-2003), Milenko500(1997-1999), JuggaloIRC(2001-Current)


Years of Broadcast: 20+

Profile: Rick O has been around HatchetRadio since the beginning. His drive for the industry is intense as he has Hosted & been Co-host on Many branded shows such as The Main Event Show, The Final Round Show, HatchetRadio Presents:, The Rick O Show Live & Uncut, Many Visits to The Booth, he’s dropped by The TrapHouse Rocks Show, and hung out with Redwood & The Wolf at their various locations. A pioneer in the industry, Rick has helped over see the development of many staff, the website, and has utilized his base in IT to Cement HatchetRadio as a brand.