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So we’ve been shifting currents a bit on the website and as you can see this new tag showing up daily on the radio player, it’s because we’re starting to program blocks for you guys within the radio system itself. I know you folks have loved Killers Mix for a long long time, but we […]

Hey Folks! Rick O here, coming at you folks a bit early on the West Coast but on time on the East. I wanna thank everyone who’s taken the the time to give us some props over the last few weeks but I wanna bring up some details that might not be put into everyone’s […]

Hey Friends! Rick O Here coming at you guys about left or right, or I don’t know. If you just read that 1800 essay I wrote earlier, Thanks, and I’m sorry but this one will be much shorter I promise. I’m on a hot one. So, I explained a bit earlier as to what we […]

Hey Folks! What’s up!!!!!! Greetings & Salutations, First off I know we have some HatchetRadio Listeners out there who have been frequenting the website since the last post, I can see the number increase as folks are starting to want to see what the station is doing after such a long radio silence. So I […]

Hey Folks, Rick O The Terrible out here with you guys wanting to give you guys kind of an update. We have had quite a few questions come in since Summer Started, and we wanted to work with you guys on some news and answer the Questions a lot of our old school fans, former […]

July 29th Ft Worth, Whitney Peyton for all of you wanting to peep out a concert.  

Yo This show is looking pretty dope already. Lyte, ABK, Blaze, Boondox, Big Hoodoo, Project Born, DJ Clay & more! The Crowfoot in Pontiac Michigan August 19th, 2022. Doors Open @6pm. We’re thinking you should be there!

  What’s shaking Fans. This came in over from DJ Clay’s Facebook Page. Apparently September 2-4th (Labor Day Weekend) is when it’s going down. Seems interesting┬áTom Wood Float Events are available here, Tickets are also available on the same website.  

Mad Humor, Mad Fun, Never has there been chemistry between a group of friends and cohosts like there is on The Main Event Show. Now Available on HatchetRadio Podcasts & On Air Wednesdays at 8pm EST!!

The Most Talked about Sports Show on the Indie Republic Network in the 2010’s is now available on HatchetRadio Under Podcasts. It Also Airs Every Thursday at 9pm EST On Air!