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Author: Rick O The Terrible

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Past Reruns of the Booth are now available in the Podcast Section of HatchetRadio as well as running every Tuesday Night on air at 9pm EST!!

Rhykker’s Guide to Diablo Immortal For those of you who are wanting to take a look at the classes before you start jumping in.

Be Prepared to have your wigs peeled back in the trap with MSLB on the mic. Fresh artists, special guests and more available in the podcasts section!

Mad Episodes of “The Buffalo Juggalo Radio Show” has been added to our podcast section, You can check them out now!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the last couple of years in mobile gaming has been all about Diablo Immortal. After a  massive rallying cry from the PC community, Blizzard decided to also crossplay/crossplatform the game with PC. Today at 1pm EST Diablo Immortal will be released on PC as it was released a […]

What’s up homies! Rick O Here coming at you with a little bit of news. This came from our Native Georgian Resident Leffy who’s geeking out at the fact that we’re even covering this on the website. Nerd Culture baby, Anyways she has reported the pricing in for Dragon Con Tickets as of right now. […]

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Yo That’s Right Folks, For those of you who are on IOS or Android, and have wondered where you can tune in to HatchetRadio? Well Guess What? Tune In App has HatchetRadio Covered Now! You can listen to the Station the Runs Beneath the Streets now on your Mobile Devices!! Tune in here:

What’s Shaking HatchetRadio Fans! Got some information on an upcoming show for the 2 Dope Funhouse Show June 17th, 2022 Show Featuring Shaggy 2 Dope, Ouija Macc, Big Hoodoo, & DJ Clay. Tickets are available Here . For those of you who wanna get out of the house a little early this summer instead of reading […]

Comic Con Dates Have been Added to the Live Events Calendar! Check them out!