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Wow, What a Rush!

Written by on March 6, 2024

Hey Folks! Welcome back to HatchetRadio and of course Happy 21st Birthday (Sorry way late on that one), had some things happen in life and moving forward have had the opportunity to fix some things. We are moving forward with the 21st Season of HatchetRadio. Continuing to Grow. I wanna give a shoutout to the new HatchetRadio FaceBook Community as well as those over at HatchetShack, Gaslit Gaming, Whoobazoo & Oscar Mike Radio for the support and love you guys have shown over the remodel. So we’re going to continue where I left off in hopes of getting something dynamic going for you folks. I hope that you guys will enjoy what we’re fixing to drop. Just can’t talk about it quite yet because we’ve got some more ground work to cover, but we’ll let you guys know when we get it done! Until then Stay Frosty and keep your head above water!

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