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Waltzing into the News!

Written by on December 17, 2023

WHAT IS UP MY FRIENDS! Rick O here coming at you guys loudly, wanted to drop a few notes for the weekend before I head out to Lake Tahoe for some R&R with my better half. I want to pass on a couple of updates coming this week and  few changes you’ll see. We’re doing a live renovation, which is why you’re getting more of my brainfeed and less of the worlds on the news. We just like to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing, so 2024 is going to be very active on HatchetRadio now that some of us have some time to devote. The reality is that yes, it’s been a very long time since we were live, but you guys don’t see what you are doing on the back end. In the last couple of months since we’ve been a bit more active with better programming, we’re starting to see more & more of what people want.

Facts are, we just want to come back and enjoy what we do, and help each other out in the process while entertaining you guys to the fullest of our abilities. So that’s kind of what we’re working on in the back for everyone, is just getting our shows that are spread out, recentralized first. We’re working with our lab partner over at Sinista1 Productions, as well as KidCrusher, & many others in the back to give you all that experience, and to make the website a bit more user friendly, and polished, and this is what we are excelling at folks, just delivering you guys some really really good solid content and the addition of several new shows(new to us!), I think we’ll be able to fulfill some of these gaps.

So the next part I wanna talk about before I get ready to head out is some really good news. JuggaloIRC web-browser is back up and running. Billy let me know that there were some settings that were just updated within the browsers that did cause some known issues with the client and JuggaloIRC. We will be rolling out updates next week so that you will be able to connect to the Mobile version, however, if you are on PC or Mac, we recommend that you utilize an IRC Client(Program) rather than the browser, because in order to connect, you will need to change some security settings which can be a pain in the butt (It’s just for IRC to access). This has affected ALL browsers on PC. We were made aware of it a couple of weeks ago, and have come up with a solution. Again rolling that out on Monday, Thanks to DeadBilly & The HatchetShack Chat Network for getting that issue resolved. We’ll we be readding it after the weekend for those who want to jump in the chat again!

So as I close out this mini-update, I want to again thank everyone for reading, We’ll keep in touch as always, and we’ll make sure you guys aren’t left out in the cold. We have some news sections set up, we’re gonna start covering a lot more, as you can see we’ve tested a few things below here with some E3 news and what not. We’re gonna continue to keep pressing play on these articles once we have our news team on par with each other in ’24. Right now, So in the next 2 weeks, expect to start seeing more and more goodies. Until then my friends & family, have fun. – Rick O

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