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GTA VI & Why It’s Not launching with PC

Written by on December 12, 2023

Hey Folks! Welcome to another episode of HatchetRadio News, I’m your host Rick O Coming at you guys live. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2-3 months (More so the past year) you’ve heard some leaked images, leaked game play, leaked trailers and now they’ve released an Official Trailer for GTA IV, and we’re stoked about it as a gaming community, and as more and more information is leaking out we’re going to follow for you guys because well, we’re big fans of gaming too. So with that, there was another announcement that they would be launching GTA IV ONLY on consoles. This news has sent a shockwave of mixed emotions through the PC Gaming community which has demanded an explanation from RockStar. HatchetRadio has reached out to RockStar for a comment and has had no reply, however as an expert gamer of over 40 years, (Yes I started out on Atari, Intellivision, Commodore 64, and TI-994A), I can do some explaining as to the who’s through the why’s.

So the one’s who are rattling the cages the most are more than likely former Console Gamers who¬† are more demanding with content. Well guess what buddy? Get used to this. This is normal, and if you look at the history of ANY multi-platform released game, you will find that PC generally gets held back in development for a year or two. There are many factors that go into this, and it all leads to the development cycle times, & honestly where they can make there money the fastest. So this is a discussion we can have because I believe that it will definitely put more light onto the situation. The first thing it really breaks down to is hardware architecture, and making sure that the boundaries of your game do not meet or exceed the system hardware limits. So for example, Most people who own an X-Box or a PlayStation know that there’s a difference between the PS4/PS5 and the X-Box Series S/X hardware wise, but often times when you break down PC components, it’s much MUCH harder for them to understand. So in most consoles, they are pretty much the same. They’ll run AMD Processors with either AMD GPU’s or NVidia GPU’s, and a proprietary Operating System (X-Box uses a very basic version of Windows, Sony’s OS is pretty much Unix/Linux based, and Nintendo has their own Operating System parameters with the Switch/Switch 2.) So now the developers not only have to toggle with hardware limitations but also limitations with the operating systems which are running the games. and they have to optimize the games based off of what console, what version of the console, what operating system it runs, and whatever YOU might also be running in the background of that OS that can impact performance on the high end, and they make their adjustments. This is much EASIER on console, because of the hardware limitations, and this is is also why developers can make games for console much much quicker.

With PC there’s a HUGE counter-balance. Each system is different, Laptops & Desktops on the Windows side of the fence run either Intel or AMD CPU’s and Raedeon, Intel, Nvidia, Jingjia, or Hangjin graphics processors, multiplicities of Sound & USB Input Devices (Gamepads, controllers, Keyboards Mice) all of these are ran by the operating system. Then on top of that because it’s running on a PC, you still have to optimize for the Operating System & Hardware limitations (Not everyone can afford an RTX 4090), while balancing what could potentially be running in the background, and the fact that most PC Video cards are light years ahead of console (and will continue to be every 12-18 months a new series of PC video cards comes out, consoles DO not upgrade these very often without a HUGE public announcement of a “New Edition”), so they are able to put a little bit more development into the PC version. This is normal and EVERY game company who works crossplatform does this. This is NOTHING new to the PC side of the Industry, EVERY GTA since GTA III has been at least a year or two of development before it came out on PC. The same with Square Enix, and Final Fantasy Games, Final Fantasy XIV & Final Fantasy VII Remake all came out 12 months to 18 months after the launch on console and it all boils down to just them taking their time to polish it up on PC.

Other factors are also put into play as well folks, so lets not forget again about the orginal topic of “Consoles Launches are Quicker” Which is mad truth. They can develop for consoles much much faster, so there will always be a minute between those two sides of the fence. They make a lot more money selling to console players, and lets be honest, PC Players are outnumbered 20-1 when it comes to PC v Console gaming, because of how inexpensive, how easy to maintain, and how marketable game consoles & games for them are. People have flocked to consoles since their mainstream introduction in the 70’s and early 80’s and their dominance on the market since the early 90’s. So delayed launches are nothing new to PC players. It’s very rare unless it’s a developer like Activision/Blizzard or a Cross-Play/Save First Person Shooter that we get a “Same Day” Launch as Console Players. So I hope this kind of explains it a little better for you folks, who are mad upset that they are designing their PC’s for GTA VI and arent’ going to be able to play for launch. But like a lot of PC Players, you have the options of sitting on your hands until the game comes out, or buying it on Console, then on PC again once it’s released (Which Rockstar hopes you do!). I’m not one who judges, I’ve bought Skyrim multiple times.. who am I to judge.

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