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UnHappy Monday Folks!

Written by on December 11, 2023

Happy Monday Folks, Rick O Here coming at you guys live. I know it’s SERIOUSLY Popping right now. We just got our 14 day analysis and you folks are just HERE. So while I don’t have much to update you with, I did tell myself I’d get on the website and talk a little bit or at least try to each day, and so far we’re doing pretty well(Everyone gets days off folks!). So anyways, what I wanted to drop today was a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and some updates. So lets get started shall we? So the topics we’re gonna bring up are gonna be JuggaloIRC(Of course we have a little bit of an update), More In Depth on the Live Shows, & Help Wanted! So lets drop these topics real quick so I can get this all settled in and have you guys ready to listen to the radio from your favorite (or new favorite) station.


So the first topic is JuggaloIRC. I know some of you younger generations are clueless as to what that even is and that’s ok, IRC was our chat platform back in the early 2000’s that we’ve kept around for a while. It was antique back then, but easy to use and fun. We still have it up today as a piece of our website however the support for the web-based chat over the years has declined more and more as far as support goes, and DeadBilly didn’t really want to take a step back and have people run Java based Chats again so we co-signed the module to KiwiChat to handle it since they had major platform supports all over. So more recently with the future updates coming to Sockets, the new IRC update is having some known issues with KiwiChat. We have a hot fix we’re working on, it seems to work for mobile devices default browsers (Safari for Apple, Chrome for Google) but any 3rd Party browsers it’s having difficulty connecting. So for the time being we’re still not 100% sure if we’re going to put that version up yet, until we get in contact with both parties to come up with a solution. You can still connect via miRC chat clients on PC/Mac and on mobile(yes there’s IRC Apps). But for the time being we’ve got it working at least with the default browsers on mobile devices, but we’re working towards getting the situation rendered.

So we had some questions about live shows over the weekend when I brought up the topic from quite a few people. I know you guys are absolutely STARVING for Live Content, and we will be bringing some REALLY good news to you guys who love our podcasts & our live content. Lets get into that shall we? So, as the voice of HatchetRadio, it’s kind of my job to allow you guys to peak in behind the curtain when the time is right, and give you guys what I can for sure let you know that’s coming. So we are currently in the process of renovating the autodj as you guys may know. We have had a HUGE success with Horrorcore Mandatory everyday 1p-4p EST, as our numbers are showing. But we are going to be polishing up our equipment so we can start delivering live content in ’24 as well as more podcasts as we’ve been talking. That is coming in a HUGE way thanks to Sinista1 Productions, Keith “Sinista1” Hayes, and all the content that he helps produce along with The Booth. We have had a VERY strong long standing relationship with Sinista1 & Whoobazoo for over 13 years now, and honestly when we were having the hardest of times he helped drive and keep us afloat with his hard work & dedication to the craft of what we do. So, what we decided to do was to start flexing outwards within our network and grabbing new shows, new podcasts, and programming them into the station itself. We’ll be picking up TheBooth live Every Tuesday & Thursday, this Thursday we’ll be doing a test run. The show is fantastic and has had over a 2 decade history on the airwaves. It’s a masterclass on production. So you guys are in for a treat

We will also be picking up Oscar Mike Radio with a good friend of ours Travis who does a military veteran hosted show and we are excited. He’s won some awards, and kept everyone in the loop for a few years now and has done MANY moons of podcasting with Sinista1 & other guests. We’re excited to be able to display his talent and network with him as well. We picked up a new Network friend with Super Star Radio Network. I’m almost assured we will be working with them in the near future on some projects as well. We will be picking up episodes of Drafting the Circuits for you Nascar fans once Nascar Season opens up and of course a network sponsored all-star show, The Rick O Show Live & Uncut, an unnamed Project from DeadBilly, Sashadolls DollHouse will be debuting next year in 2024, and who knows who might show up? This is all coming up in the next couple of months, so you understand why we’re so buzzing like bees, and keeping you guys absolutely updated.

Now for the last subject Help Wanted! Yes! We need some help! I’m not good at asking for it, but we are looking for some volunteers to help out with an assortment of things. We need a website team, a chatroom admin team, a social networking moderation team, and we’re also looking for some on air talent, podcasters, cohosts, live music DJ’s who want to volunteer their skills & time for an assortment of whatever they can put in to give us a hand. We have a few people coming back but, we could always use an extra set of eyes, ears, voices, or hands to give us that small boost to get us where we need to be. If you are interested please hit up the HatchetShack Discord and look for me (Rick O the Terrible) and we can have that discussion. We have a few people who dedicate time here and there and that helps out ALOT. If someone posts news on the social media, it means that I don’t have to, or Sayjin or KidCrusher don’t have to. So even if it’s something from time to time, every little bit helps. We’re also looking for Discord Server Boosters if anyone is on a Nitro Premium Account and they have spare boosts hook us up! We’re only a few away from topping out our community server so please! Give us a hand!

So that wraps up the mid day news for you folks. Just keep your eyes open and we’ll do our best to keep you folks informed. I know some of you guys are wondering when we are going to start covering more and more Variety News other than network. Trust me, we’re setting up that already. Time man, it’s just the sheer amount of work vs the amount of time you have in a day. That’s really all. Once we start unloading on some of this production stuff, and we actually get some news outside of the holiday gifting season, we’ll definitely get you guys updated. But right now, there’s not been much touring announced, no real solid releases to talk about that aren’t being covered by Social Media or other Fan Websites. We will be having a HatchetRadio News Moment coming soon. But again that’s in the works. Until then, Have fun, & stay safe! -Rick O

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