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Quick Weekend Update

Written by on December 9, 2023

Hey Folks! I wanted to holler at you guys for a minute before I headed out for a weekend of gaming and hanging out with my better half. So we have had some good news come our way over the past few weeks and it gets better. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for a lot of people we will have a 4th person rejoining our web & radio programming team very soon. That’s pretty much all I can go into it for the time being, but I’m very excited. A lot of work is going into what we’re doing over the next few months. This person will be working on 3rds and they have already worked with us a few times in the past, and again I’m very excited to work with them again because we worked well together, and this will lead to some seriously good development with HatchetRadio as we move forward into Season 21 in ’24.

The next part is a question we’ve been getting a lot over the past month. Are we needing help? I would be lying if I said no. We’re looking for volunteers to give us a hand with some things. Right now the production team has its hands full sorting out shows and getting into the swing of things with getting the radio programming finished. I can tell you folks that you guys are really in store for some great shows we have planned but we do need help. We’re looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time for Web Journalism to help us keep up to date with music, gaming, movie, & other news who can keep up with our bucket of a website & our social media pages. We’re looking for DJ’s, Host & Cohosts for podcasts who are willing to donate their time and effort to help with some shows, guests appearances, and in return we can help you with your branded content as well. We’re looking for people to help out with our Discord because we know once we’re live, its gonna get a little busy in there from time to time. So we do need all kinds of volunteer help with getting it off the ground, and honestly the best thing to do is join HatchetShack and hit up one of us on there about what you’re interested in doing, and we’ll see if what you can offer fits what we envisioned.

The last part of my big ass weekend but not so big ass update, is we’ll be adding a couple of new shows to the line up for sure. As you know The Booth has been a staple on HatchetRadio for many many years, and Sinista1 Productions has expanded outwards into other shows. More will be added to the line up. We will be adding Marine Corps Veteran Owned Oscar Mike Radio to the podcast line up as well as a rotation, New Episodes of The Booth which will now have new time slots added to accompany the shear volume of podcasts the show has had over it’s over 2 decades of broadcast, We will also be adding a Nascar Show which is Seasonal next Season called “Drafting the Circuits”, and I’ll also be talking to another Sports Show broadcaster so we can get some coverage folks. I told you. Alot coming in, and we’re just getting started. Until then Much Love – Rick O

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