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Goodness Updates!

Written by on December 7, 2023

Hey Folks! Everyones favorite dedicated news crew here Rick O The Terrible here to report a few findings today. We’re still working on some new stuff with the website, I decided to take a couple days off and relax since we’ve been on the grind for about 3 weeks now. We’re really pulling things back together on the back end, today we had some WordPress updates, you might have had a slight outage for a minute, and that’s normal the site does that when it has major backend  updates, but the good news is, is that the performance is a lot better than it was prior to all of the updates, and there’s still some more major database updates coming our way as we’ve been notified by the host that this may take a day or two in the near future. We haven’t been notified of exactly when our node will be taken offline for the update service, but we have been told that is what is planned in the near future, and this is just a performance update to be honest, it’s nothing that’s really affecting the website at all as far as like what it immediately does for us. So we’re just firing that down the pipe a bit so you guys know and understand. This will ONLY affect the website itself, not the radio station or the apps.


HatchetShack has also been getting PLENTY of content and connected updates. I wanted to share this with you guys because they are a part of our network. We’ve been working on. We have added a TON of new Gaming channels for Video Games & Table Top RPG’s as well as some stages for people to utilize for RPG’s. We have a pretty good sized base of gamers who work with and around us, so we wanted to include that part of our lifestyle on the newly minted Discord server as well as here on the station. A lot of us came up playing games like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Battletech, as well as video games, so we’ve always kind of incorporated that a little here and there, but we’re really gonna start covering a lot more of it just because, we’re all experienced gamers, and it would be a neat source of information to have out there. So it’s something we’re putting  some time into on HatchetShack.

The Update on JuggaloIRC Browser Chat is the same as it was last week. We’ve heard nothing back from either camp, so we’re working on retooling some scripts for you guys that should work in the meantime, just be patient. We’ve seen incoming connections hit and then  get blocked by the IRC Server, so we’re thinking there’s an issue between Kiwi & UnrealIRCD having to do with the VPN that Kiwi uses. We’ve sent out notifications to both parties about the issue, and as with anything IT related, it takes time, and patience. We know that JuggaloIRC is older (I see some of you snickering in the back about it), but it’s a very integral piece of our history and we just want it available even though it’s completely antiquated, it’s ours. So we take the time and put a little more duck tape on it. We should have an answer soon enough, DeadBilly & Myself have been working on some things, but we have full plates as it is in the back.

The last part of this not-so-colossal update is that we welcome you guys to register user names on the website, we really do. However, we’re not set up like that. We keep our back end simple. So registering serves no purpose other than to be able to leave comments on the website and at one time use the forums. Since we no longer utilize web-boards of any sort, its there for just the admins to login and out of. We get ALOT of Spam throughout the website from fake accounts just like any social networking website does, and we have plenty of spam blockers on the website to rid us of it, however we do purge accounts on a regular basis because we have so many people who come and go, we can tell who’s real and who’s fake. I purged around 600 fake accounts this weekend alone, and usually that’s a monthly amount, if you get caught by our spamblockers and deleted, we apologize, but you might have an e-mail that has been put in association with known spamming. There’s not much we can do, but we can tell you maybe register under a different e-mail. We take protecting you and our website seriously so we won’t lower those security settings because they work well. Hope you understand. -Rick O

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