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HatchetRadio Updates & More

Written by on December 4, 2023

So we have been on a tear through the website and through the back end as of recently. I didn’t want to leave folks hanging with the journal and the website news. We have been keeping you guys busy and it seems like folks are really enjoying the new set up with the AutoDJ. It’s reflecting in the numbers and that’s great. We’re glad to have regained some posture with our set up once more. We explained in an earlier post as to why that was, but we’ve sifted through more and more. We’re about to add some more content and automated shows for you guys to enjoy during other times. What we’re working on takes a little bit to translate but once you all see it you’ll get it. So there were some questions that came up during all of this and I don’t mind addressing them because they are already common questions, I think we’ll eventually start a FAQ section for you all because we surely do get a lot of fan mail and questions in them that are pretty similar, and like most human beings, I’m not one who likes to repeat (or even copy/paste I’m authentic!). So lets get on to some of these new questions that were asked!


So what’s next with you guys?

Well with a renovation comes some new features. What we’re wanting to do is give more of our content to you guys. I think that’s the major portion that was more attractive to HatchetRadio. I think our staff is kicking themselves in the rear end for not having podcasts or any of that sort until much later on, and that’s at nobodies fault, the technology wasn’t there until around 2005, and we were having some good results testing most of it. Sinista1 has been backing the entire Network for The Booth. Ideally we are going to have some live reruns once we process the audio into podcasts, and it’s going to be every show that debuts on HatchetRadio from my show, to the Network Sponsored Show (TBA), to Sayjin Tylers upcoming shows to much much more folks. We’re really going to be hammering in more content in ’24. That’s the goal. Get the airwaves & our social networking spaces popping once more.

Who’s all committed for 2024?

Well there’s a network show coming, we’ve yet to name it and there’s going to be a lot of commotion & involvement in that show. Sayjin Tyler is cooking something up in the Lab, The Booth will be coming to HatchetShack & we will also be broadcasting it to HatchetRadio live & also getting more of the older content added. I am going to be a part of a lot of the commotion backstage, coming back with The Rick O Show Live & Uncut, as well as my own Streaming Platform on Twitch. We have heard rumors that Sashadoll & TheDollHouse will be making a return to the airwaves. DeadBilly will be returning as well for a show. It’s going to be a madhhouse, and the list continues to grow each week as more and more people are showing up back home.

So who are you partnering with?

Network wise, HatchetRadio Network includes HatchetRadio, Whoobazoo, HatchetShack, JuggaloIRC, Beyond Mayhem Entertainment, and we now have a new partner SuperStar Radio Network. We also give Scottie D & Faygoluvers mad love because they have always supported us. We have a Mad Luv Page set up for those folks we show Mad Luv to. Despite rumors and speculations and even my opinions on things, we still have mad love and respect for the folks who have supported us in the past and we will be open to working with other Radio Networks & Websites in the near future.

Are there any old schoolers  coming back?

This is the part of the foundation that isn’t cemented quite yet. The reason why we’re working on this is because everyone who worked with HatchetRadio over the past 20 years is either full time career with a family or just doing their own thing in the world. As they have grown with their needs we have grown to adapt with them. If we can get a person on for a series of shows that’s great, if they can make a guest appearance, that’s even better. What makes it amazing is that we have always tried to treat people who’ve came and went like family, even if we have disagreements, we’ve typically almost always had open doors for people to come and go as they please and get involved with their projects and ours if they were open to it. I can’t say for certain who is coming back, because we’ve had talks with about 6 or 7 former hosts, who have came to us about coming back over the past couple of weeks. Again  it’s talks. What you hear on the streets, is just that, talk. If they come to us, and say Hey, I want to do a show, I have availability on X, and it fits, everyone knows we’ll always publicize it on the website, and on social media. But until then, it’s speculation, because, sometimes things fall through if you put too much weight on them, and once it’s showing, it’s knowing.

Where is the Chat? It’s not working or it tells me to Set up Discord, What is this?

Soooooooo….JuggaloIRC, yeah. You can still connect to it via mIRC. This isn’t an issue. As a matter of fact we’ve maintained it for decades now with a few moments of downtime during change overs but recently we had issues with KiwiChat and the newest version of our Servers Software. It’s something that we are unsure if will work out due to the fact that KiwiIRC isnt’ exactly a heavily used product as it used to be, and the fact that there are so many versions of IRC Server software that continue to work with it outside of ours, that it’s hard telling. We are currently working on the details, and may quite possibly be having a custom Java Chat again for JuggaloIRC(You may need to install Runtime), but we’re working on it. As far as the Discord Chat, that is HatchetShack, that is what we utilized to replace JuggaloIRC as an updated chat system that includes our sound stage for shows. You guys can use Discord for Free, it’s a program on Mac/PC and App on IOS/Android. Create an account, come back click the HatchetShack Link and then just go from there. You’ll understand!

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