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JuggaloIRC DownTime & More

Written by on November 30, 2023

Hey Folks! Wanted to update you guys on some information that has been streaming to us as we are gathering it about the JuggaloIRC Chat. We are 110% Aware that the KiwiIRC Module for WordPress is NOT working. We have a better explanation as we have been monitoring the situation for over 48 hours now. If you are using that to connect please stop until further notice, you are only G-Lining yourself from the server (Global Banning). There is an SSL3 issue between our IRCD and KiwiIRC’s VPN that is causing these issues with the chat. We have been made 100% fully aware that there is an issue and have contacted Kiwi & UnrealIRCD about the ongoing issue. Kiwi uses a VPN to protect connections and SSL3 which is the new standard is having some issues with their VPN. If you are trying to connect, please refrain from using JuggaloIRC’s Webclient as well as HatchetRadio’s Web Client. You can still download pIRC, mIRC or HexChat for free and connect to port 6669 as a regular user if you wish to continue to use JuggaloIRC. We have since removed the links from the website, but I know some folks have them book marked. We’re just letting you know, you keep glining yourself by using Kiwi.

We should have an answer by this weekend, if not we might have to go back to a runtime chat until Kiwi can localize their issue which will mean you might need to install Java again to use it, which is what we don’t want. If you want something more modern, we recommend you download Discord & join the HatchetShack Discord with the rest of us loons. We will keep you guys updated with the rest of what’s going on there. I can assure you though, that JuggaloIRC is Open.

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