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Onto Today!

Written by on November 29, 2023

Hey Folks! How are my favorite people doing today! I know we have had some readers as of late because I’m actually getting fan questions in the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Community as well as the HatchetShack Discord. So it’s pretty cool that people are reading the stories and points of views that I’m writing. Look I’m not ever going to aspire to bring anyone down on any of these posts, these posts are all just from my point of view and to fill in gaps for people who were there to experience it and had questions. We have quite the following. So onto the next part of what we want to talk about today!


So currently we are looking for some old schoolers. Yes we know, you’re out there, I’m hunting you down like the awesome grown adults you are! Not because I want your help, but because at some point we were family, and we lost touch, as a community. So what if you are online still which many of you are, Please join us on HatchetShack Discord. Currently we are revising JuggaloIRC WebChat, as it’s having a load of issues. Give us some time with that. We also have a new platform on Discord, so if you want to catch up with quite a few old schoolers I would suggest you download Discord and smash that link in the menu! It’s open invite to most. We’ve buried the hatchet with some folks, and move forward with what we aim to do. If you’re bored, wanna catch up with some folks, we have more and more people coming in every day so join us!

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