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JuggaloIRC Update & More

Written by on November 26, 2023

Hey folks! Rick O here coming at you guys live, so we have some pretty bogus news to drop and it’s nothing major, it just affects a small portion of HatchetRadio, and it’s something we’re hard working on current as HatchetShack’s DeadBilly is on the job. So a couple of days ago we had done some new and much needed updates to the IRC(Internet Relay Chat) Server for JuggaloIRC. We’ve had JuggaloIRC as long as we’ve been around, as a matter of fact HatchetRadio’s foundations were forged within the walls of JuggaloIRC. So it’s kind of sentimental to us that we keep it up, as it is to other people as well. So in the process of doing our normal updates, KiwiChat, which is has been our main plugin for many many years, for some reason does not support our version of IRCD yet, or anymore, or I’m not sure quite yet, but from what DeadBilly has told me, this has hit quite a few IRC servers, and in response we’re working on a solution that should remedy it. In the meanwhile, we decided to take down the link off the menu for the time being, until we can resolve the issue with the IRC Chat.

Now for the More Part! The more part is we’ve removed our contact section as well. The reason why we decided to go that route was to ensure the safety of our systems & staff. We’ll have something new and fancy for you guys other than what we had, and it’s not a big issue, we were just receiving a lot of spam through it, and it just lead us to believe that it wasn’t necessary. It’s typical with any website that anytime you leave an e-mail reply link open, or a link to click, that someone is gonna try to work their way around it, and it’s unfortunate, but we take pride in keeping our systems safe, and have for many years when it comes to recognizing potential issues, and dealing with them when they need to be. It’s ok though it happens. Luckily, it just goes to spam, but it’s still annoying so we killed it.

So as we move forwards in our affairs, as we’ve promised, we’ll keep you guys informed of any changed to the website or to the station’s programming, I know it seems like we’ve done a lot in a little time, but we’re getting to where we need to be with what we have folks, and I’m very proud and happy to have the staff on board we have. I make promises to you guys I tend to keep, and I know this seems like a big rush, but most of this was planned out months in advance, there were some thins that changed up so I can explain them with some time and detail if you guys don’t mind hearing about them because honestly, I’ve already received a lot of questions from people about certain topics and details and I’ll be bold enough to answer them in this little tidbit thread.

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