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Written by on November 25, 2023

So we’ve been shifting currents a bit on the website and as you can see this new tag showing up daily on the radio player, it’s because we’re starting to program blocks for you guys within the radio system itself. I know you folks have loved Killers Mix for a long long time, but we are introducing a new block format after 20 years, and I’m excited. It’s called “Horrorcore Mandatory” From 1p-4p EST, you will be subjected to the underground. We’re super stoked, and we have a ton of new content that will start showing up on that show. As we are programming it. This is going to be exciting for everyone, and we’re going to be doing more programming in the near future. So keep an eye out for it, this is what’s happening!



So as I have been having conversations with friends & staff some general questions have came  up, and we want to address them with full transparency.

This is HatchetRadio why is there other music playing on here?

Other music has always played on HatchetRadio. It’s not just about one type of music but many and it has never changed. What we are doing is going a bit more with what our fans originally enjoyed and less with the other music we were required at one time to play in the mix.

Will the shows be going live?

I can say yes to some and no to some. Some of our shows are retired due to obvious reasons, those shows however do have a tremendous amount of following still & podcasts, so we keep them in rotation. Now if a live show NEEDS that time spot for the long term, we will reprogram the shows(with notice), to let you guys know that they are moving. If we were to answer the No, it’s because some will be sit down interviews where the host wasn’t capable of going live for some reason, and we’ll let you guys know of those too.

What happened to the forums?

We moved them to Discord. Discord can be monitored & is more stable for us. We don’t have to deal with bot spam, nor do you guys, and Discord to us provides a lot more meat & potatoes. So we chose to use it for the chat, the forums, the voice chat, and the stage. So it serves its purpose for us.

JuggaloIRC is not working is there something wrong?

Yes, We upgraded the IRCD(Server software) and it’s not compatible with our webchat software, for the time being. It’s a known issue.  When they patch it  internally between the two software companies the browser chat will start working. If you still have Mirc, or HexChat, or Colloquy installed, you can still connect via Port: 6669.

I have to download Discord App to get on the new chat, is it free?

Yes. Yes Discord has plans, but don’t worry about those plans they won’t affect you on 99.99% of Discord Community Servers. HatchetShack is a Level 2 Server. It has a few long term server boosters who are taking care of it, and it’s running quite properly. You can download the app free of charge from any Android or IOS App stores, as well as directly from Discords website for PC/Mac, and you can set it up and login to the chat. Once you’ve clicked the links after you’ve installed you will of course be prompted to join the server. The admin team will set you up with a role and you’re set up. The only thing that’s not covered in the process is text & data rates that might apply.

Are you guys needing help?

I’d be lying if I said no. We’re all volunteer. We don’t need web help. We’re looking for people to get involved with posting news on the website, or our social media groups. We’re also looking for a few hosts who want to host shows with other co-hosts. Everything else development wise, networking, and what not are already taken care of. We’re just looking for reliable streamers, and some folks who wouldn’t mind donating some of their much valuable time to do a few things here and there. If you have any questions. Just hit us up on Discord.


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