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Radio Programming & New Friends!

Written by on November 24, 2023

Hey Folks! Rick O here, coming at you folks a bit early on the West Coast but on time on the East. I wanna thank everyone who’s taken the the time to give us some props over the last few weeks but I wanna bring up some details that might not be put into everyone’s eye sight. So we have for many years supported other radio networks. From Indie Republic, to Whoobazoo, and over the years it has made some very amazing friendships & some very good support structure to lean on for folks. When you run into people who have been in the game as long if not longer than you have, you have to give mad props to them. So as we have been renovating, we have had some eyes on us, especially from some past staff, Big Game James, one of our former talents, introduced us to SuperStar Radio Network, who happens to own Hollyday Radio Network as well. So we are going to be introducing you guys to them as well. They will be joining us on the discord chat available from HatchetShack. The owner has been around for quite some time and has an amazingly well put together radio network that he tends to. So give them a listen some time! They even have an Android app that they added HatchetRadio to which is SUPER COOL of them. Once we get the renovations to the next chapter, we’ll have some links up from our network links for them.

The next part is not the easiest to explain. However,  I am gonna change up the graphic asap. I started going with more in depth autodj programming at the beginning of the week and have made some headway with at least one new show. This show will be a SOLID 3 hour block of Horrorcore Music. We are the #1 Horrorcore Radio Station on the Internet, We are gonna showcase that talent. We’ll have more shows announced as they arrive, so please be patient with the process. We are working hard to give you guys an amazing experience, and we are so happy to welcome so many more people into the fold. We will be pushing more and more into the near future to keep you guys entertained and have the best community we can provide. Until then Much Love – Rick O

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