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More Radio Programming Heading Your Way

Written by on November 22, 2023

Hey Friends! Rick O Here coming at you guys about left or right, or I don’t know. If you just read that 1800 essay I wrote earlier, Thanks, and I’m sorry but this one will be much shorter I promise. I’m on a hot one. So, I explained a bit earlier as to what we are going to be working on as far as the autodj, delved into it a little bit. Caressed it if you will with it’s bubbly bottom. So here we can talk a bit more about what I brushed up on. So imagine this. We’ve been having shows on the autodj for like.. 4 years now. Maybe even 5. They are scheduled above and they tell you what time they play. So We’ve had a few shows in rotation, and they take up an hour or so each show, but what we realized is that there’s a lot of shows, and not enough hours, and we have content for more shows. So guess what we’re doing? We’re gonna program MORE SHOWS! Not too too many, We don’t want to starve you of your much needed jams. But what we are saying is that you can expect a bit more in the upcoming weeks just to fill in some things on the nights & to make some space for new music shows.

So what we will be working on is some things that are going to be pretty good for you guys out there who are wanting a bit more of something same, something different. We will be doing some new music shows, like The Horrorcore Top 10, HatchetRadio Original, HatchetRadio Top 10 Weekly, & of course more. We wanted to do some exclusive fan based content and work with some of the artists who’ve submitted content. How will content be decided on the top 10? A poll will be put up in our discord up and at the end of the poll the tallies will be decided and the playlist will be built for you guys as we host this new concept. Fan involvement is a must so you’ll need to join us on the HatchetShack Discord so once we have it all setup, you guys will be amazed. We will also have some other content coming in the near future and I think you guys are REALLY going to dig it.

Last part. Live Shows. Another Ask we are getting more and more lately. Yes. Gonna happen. Yes. Got 2 Concrete returns, with 2 Super Secret Not-Yet-In-Concrete Returns that are in the run, 1 big show that’s going to make it’s full debut on HatchetRadio & about 3-4 Brand New Shows with some brand new faces & even some old ones. That’s really all I can say. The numbers may go up they may go down a little but I definitely just said what I said, and that’s all I can say otherwise, they’ll get mad and throw my 10mm sockets in the garbage. Yes I’m returning. I can say that. I can say that because it’s a fact. Known fact, When? First part of 2024, I’m directing traffic right now. After traffic has a bunch of round abouts that are frustrating installed, we’ll talk about me more. Until then folks, I hope you have a fantastic time, and enjoy yourselves. Be cool – Rick O

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