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Renovation ’23

Written by on November 20, 2023

What’s up folks! Rick O here at your service, coming at you guys live here in the studio. Wanted to post a few items in one update together. I don’t think it’ll be a long one, but with me, you never know. So the first thing I want to do is thank everyone for joining back, and joining us on a daily. We cannot thank you enough for what you all do for us, and how you guys support us. We know that some of the changes haven’t gone as you might have expected them, but this wasn’t an overhaul. This was a renovation. I don’t wish to do an overhaul for a long while because that’s at on of content. So what I decided for 2024, was just to bring you the website you deserve to have, and with some pretty cool content. What we’re working on right now is getting you guys set up for success on the website, and in the chat. Without those portals we have no way to communicate to you guys, and back and forth. Which leads me to my next subject.


So for a very long time HatchetRadio was hosted by JuggaloIRC. DeadBilly, Dad, Hollielynn, Leffy, Jake, and many of the other chatroom staff provided us with decades of laughs, entertainment, and most of all a community that we thrived from. As social networking evolved, chat platforms began to swing away from the standards such as AOL, & Yahoo! ICQ all but disappeared, and so we were left with Myspace, Twitter, & FaceBook when the smoke cleared. JuggaloIRC was still our chat even to today. Outside of a brief ownership change, the networks remained together for nearly 20 years, but the relationships, and friendships that were built there will never be replaced. So after some discussion with Billy & the rest of the staff. We decided that it was a better idea to move forward with our very own Community Discord Server, sponsored by HatchetShack & Discord. The ideal is to create a community that has access to our shows and to just have people to hang around together, game with, have conversations, and what have you. HatchetRadio since the beginning has always been associated with Gaming, with our years of Starcraft & Diablo II Gameplay together, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re interested in PC/Console/Tabletop/RPG Gaming and you love music, I don’t see where that part isn’t a fit. You can join by getting Discord for your device (It’s available on PC/Mac, Android, IOS, & Some new-gen consoles), and then just checking out HatchetShack. We’d love to have you in our community.


The last part is more for the old schoolers, because it did raise some questions that were asked by some good friends whom have been around the network for a very long time. How are we handling people who left on bad terms and want to check things out? So, to kind of go into that, and from my point of view, it’s on a person to person basis. There are some people, who should by now know they are not welcome, as they haven’t been contact by us yet, or even at all. There are some people that I personally have on block, who I avoid, because we don’t get along and that’s very human. The staff is well aware, that if they have had a solid issue with someone in the past, that we are not to allow them to be uncomfortable in their own house. I address this issue, because when you are someone who is followed by people, who entertains people, and you don’t keep your guard up, it allows for toxic people to sneak right in and take away from your time, your other relationships, and your resources. We have all agreed to protect each other and those within our community, and that’s a promise we will continue to keep. Every thing we talk about is on a case to case basis, and we look at it from different points of views and come to an agreement on everything.

So we welcome pretty much everyone, but on a case to case, we’ve had a lot of people harass us, vex us, or just bring drama into an already high stress environment, and we just don’t want to have that around us or the community. We’re older now. I don’t have any personal issues with people personally, I choose to ignore instead of engage, and blocking people ever since it’s invention (give that person a nobel!) has been the best way to just keep away from folks you don’t want to have a conversation with anymore. It works, it’s fool proof (unless you’re the fool who likes to argue), and honestly it’s easier to back away. We don’t like having to ban people but we are also not into disruptors either. So with that being said, we want to thank everyone for hanging in there. We don’t want anyone to think negative of this statement or go “Who Me!?”, but we have to make a general statement because I’m not the only person who’s of the opinion, and it’s easier to be simple & blunt. For another day folks, have a good one. -Rick O

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