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Todays Update & More!

Written by on November 19, 2023

  Hey folks! Wanted to  give you guys some more detailed information about what we’ve been doing in the lab today. I figure it’s kind of nice to be able to update the website. So what we’re working on as you can probably tell now, is we’re working on fine tuning the Auto-DJ shows a bit more. I sat and listened to the station over the last 72 hours, and wanted to change the way it was sounding  up a bit differently, so pruned a lot of things from it, and more will continue to happen over the course of time as we gear you guys up. I made an announcement about it earlier, and now it’s a bit more classic “HatchetRadio” than it was before. This is just how we run it back for you folks a bit more.

Other things to be noted, we will be doubling up on content throughout the week to fill the void. We get a lot of playtime during the rerun shows, and people really really enjoy them, and we can see that initially during the shows performance. So more than likely we will run each show twice a day at random, so you guys can catch it more often. We’ll keep the schedule on board with the Show banner on the website so you folks are alerted as to what show is playing. This will clear up any confusion as to what is what. “Killers Mix” is HatchetRadio’s AutoDJ, any of the other shows like The Main Event, or Buffalo Juggalos, or Traphouse Rockz, will show up as their shows you can set your schedule to listen in to the reruns or know when to tune out if you just want to listen to music, that’s ok too. Talk Shows aren’t every ones ideal entertainment.

So as we move into the deeper parts of production coming in 2024, we have kept everyone in mind about what we are planning, and hopefully you guys will have a glimpse & better understanding. We are currently working with our roster on getting the shows delivered to all of our platforms that the hosts are familiar & comfortable with. So we don’t want to confuse anyone with the show scheduling and how it’s all ran, because we do have quite a few followers on our Social Networking. So for example, The Booth is a live broadcast Show that features Sinista1 Streaming Live. These are all viewable through YouTube & FaceBook Live! So what that essentially means is if Sinista1 wanted to, he could broadcast the show on HatchetRadio’s website as well. This is of course if he wanted to, if he had his software set up to, and if his hardware would allow him (more than likely check a box on all of that). He would have no issues with this, because the other Streaming services are so rigid with their Terms of Service & Copyright material, it would be ok to do on HatchetRadio. Now say we reverse the scenario. Sinista1 wanted to do a music show featuring some signed or Indie Artists who own their own label. He could do the interview ONLY on HatchetRadio (Unless of course it was one of his labels). The reason why we cannot go from here to there, is because YouTube, Twitch, FaceBook Live! Kick, & many of the well known and major partnered streaming platforms do not recognize Fair Use with their content. Even if say the TV is blaring in the background, the algorithm will kick in and mute a stream on their platforms.

In short words, this is nothing new to us at all, and I do mean AT all. In 2011 we were testing Twitch & YouTube platforms when they became available to us and to Indie Republic Network and the results were very much the same as they were today, only even less restrictive as the Copyright Bots have even clamped down on Speed/Tempo of copyright material. So even if you change the key, slow the tempo down on a copyrighted beat or piece of material, those bots will still catch it after 30 seconds or more and begin the process of muting material. Now from a production standpoint, this is catastrophic and by no means a fun experience to have to endure. It limits a person on their streaming service because of a copyright violation, and it’s always a sticky mess that is harder to get out of, however, it’s not impossible. The situation used to take 2 weeks to unfold, now it can be done within 24 hours as long as all parties are notified, but it’s just too much of a frustrating situation to go through, unless of course you’re willing to put in the paperwork & wait it out.

So when we tell everyone these things, this is because this is what every person who gets on air at ANY Sponsored, or Partnered Streaming, even Gamers on Twitch have to abide by the same policies unless they decide to purchase rights to musical content, but it gets expensive and there’s also reporting that goes in the tracks and what they were used for, who they were used for (some artists don’t want their music to be used in some forms like politics). So it’s a mess, and it’s just easier for all of us to keep the music in house here at HatchetRadio, and let the shows play here too since they are safe already. It only makes more and more sense for us to keep it that way for you guys, and to keep the stress and anxiety down on our hosts & cohosts who are already working hard.

So we have had some folks ask already about who’s coming back? What shows are going to be on air. I can’t lie to you guys and tell you that I know everything 110%, because there’s still a few months before most of these start to kick off in 2024. But I can tell you that there is going to be a Network Sponsored show at some point as we’re going on, and the details are sketchy as far as what the name or dates are, but we’ve had quite a few people in the roster want to jump in at least once a month. I more than likely will be hosting & producing that show for everyone. It’ll be an hour each month where we sit back as friends and just talk about whatever. I think you guys will enjoy it, there’s an infinite amount of talent involved. I also know that DeadBilly is talking about bringing his flavor back to HatchetRadio, I don’t think it’ll be anything like the 3 Irish or the 3 Wisemen, but he’ll have something up his sleeve and it’ll definitely be more than entertaining for sure.

Sayjin “Mayhem” Tyler has joined the ranks of HatchetRadio. Beyond Mayhem will be joining our platform in 2024 with live Sayjin, Live Cohosts, Live Guests, Live People in Sheep Costumes. It’s total Mayhem. Also coming in 2024, The Return of the one & only vixen, SashaDoll, with TheDollhouse. This will be a multiplatform Exclusive with special guests, fuzzy exotic creatures, and of course the ever so lovable Sashadoll. Rumor has it also that Leffy is also lurking in the Shadows as a mystery Co-Host. Who’s show is she joining? Keep your eyes peeled for our mysterious Leffykins wandering the Kudzu of where-ever she’s from in Georgia. The Booth with Keith “Sinista1” Hayes is always packed with amazing talent, special guests, Sinsta1 himself in some random location with Vengeance. Finally, with all of the commotion swirling these new additions to HatchetRadio, there is one final return for all of the folks here at HatchetRadio, and that is myself Rick O The Terrible, who will be returning with his branded show “The Rick O Show Live & Uncut” on multiple platforms (Twitch if I’m gaming, here if I’m jamming out and wanting to throw down on some tunes for you all!). These will all be announced when they are ready for release, and I’m sure there will even MORE surprises in-store as we ready ourselves for our 21st Season in 2024! We go live!

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