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HatchetRadio, Gaming, & More

Written by on November 19, 2023

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you all have missed out on some prime news about gaming on HatchetRadio in the past. We have always associated ourselves with the Gaming world in some way shape or form and as we have this discussion with you guys we wanted to kind of go into the History. When we got started, we were all gamers. Playing Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, & many many other games with each other. As years went down the line we had flash games included on HatchetRadio, we had a small arcade built into our old post nuke website which gave a ton of entertainment to folks for a very long time. Once things changed, and Live Streaming started to come to the front of the pack, and more and more streaming software became available, we wanted to jump into it as well, but we wanted to see where the waters lead.

18 months ago, some of the HatchetRadio staff got involved with some games that lead us to a really good gaming community named “Gaslit Gaming”. Now I know I’m gonna get some questions about Gaslit, and the backstory, and a lot of that is personal, but I will say that I had a great time working with them, and we had a lot of plans to work together. Early on in the year, I purchased the website to build a gaming website, so that we could kind of have it, as it’s own. Designing and developing the website and also helping admin on the server, I kept busy for a while. However, creative differences between HatchetRadio & their admin team deterred us from continuing our project with them, there was and would have been even more conflicts of interest in merging HatchetRadio with Gaslit Discord Community due to the content & type of traffic that Gaslits server would have received. In other words, I didnt’ feel comfortable with having our network on there, as I felt that we would have clashed with them frequently, as far as our fans and their regulars, as well as the admin team on our end voiced their opinions about being on there and how it would conflict if there was a situation to arise in their community, so I decided that it was best to back way from the offer late into the game, as it was advised that some members of HatchetRadio were not comfortable with some of the regulars of Gaslit’s community. When it comes to protecting you guys and the interest of HatchetRadio, I made the decision to back away personally, and DeadBilly & Myself started HatchetShack Discord to continue what we had planned on earlier in the year for our 2024 launch.

This does not reflect any personal relationships with people over on the Gaslit Discord server, as my relationships with the owners personally are untainted, this was just a professional decision because in the past before JuggaloIRC, we had allowed other 3rd parties to run our chat, and there was always a conflict between our staff and the network staff before we started JuggaloIRC, and our entire staff ended up banned, as that servers network team desperately attempted to hijack our user base. From that point we kept that part in house. Again with HatchetShack, everything is left in house, and owned by us within the network. So it makes everyone once again feel comfortable with it.

Now where does this lead? Well we were going to incorporate Gaslit Gaming into our network as our gaming news source, however, I’m unsure if that’s the direction we’ll go for now as I do own the website & work incorporated, I feel that a partnership with the owners and creators of the name on Discord would create a conflict. So until we can come together on terms, again I’ve halted work on the project. HatchetRadio will be hosting a gaming section in the soon to be near future, with everything I had planned to do with Gaslit’s website, For all of you gamers you just need to join the HatchetShack Discord and we can fill you in on more! Until then. Thanks for paying attention to us! -Rick O

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