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Welcome to the 21st Season!

Written by on November 18, 2023

Welcome folks to the Official 21st Season of HatchetRadio. We welcome you guys back to our fold and we have a lot of things coming your way and we are definitely working towards a much much better place with the website renovations. So I know the last few posts have been very very long winded but I do want to thank each and everyone of you for the large amount of support that is outpouring from you fans and from the folks in our everyday community. It thrills me to know that we have so many people coming through and popping into HatchetShack or the HatchetRadio Community Chat on FaceBook. We’re always thrilled to see familiar and old school faces and we want that to be the most important thing that everyone knows is that we are very very very thankful and humbled by the fans welcoming the crew back together once again.

So where do we start with the conversation so it isn’t too long winded. We had to make some changes to sum it up. It’s 2023, we have to move forward with the times and with the technology that we have been using. We have always loved the station, it’s where a lot of the current staff got started, cut their teeth to say, but we moved on to other formats, and other shows on more networks or started our own gigs outside of this place, so we kept it going. The reality is that we have over 12 years worth of chat logs in the staff chat from where we have kept up. A few years ago we talked a big game, and Covid Shut us down. Some of us went into hiding in our caves, and others still haven’t come up for light. So I had a conversation with Billy, Adam & Trey. We knew December of 2022 when we renewed the website for another 10 years putting us in 3 decades of service, We had a discussion about possibly making a 2023, 2 decade return, but I explained that priming for it in 2024 would give us the opportunity to put it all together, and this is exact what we have been doing. Season 21 is going to be so fun for everyone. We’re going in pretty heavy with a slew of different events, aiming to keep up with our own projects along side of this one.

So with that we’re moving in the right direction this week. Over the next week we are going to be adding new sections. Overhauling current sections, and giving the website a fresh sprucing up that it’s desperately needed. we’re wanting to welcome everyone into the 21s Season and we’re gonna be doing some testing on the streams and in the Discord server with some folks, so please be aware. We’re also going to be looking into adding some new sections while we’re here on the website to keep you guys updated. We’ll be in the back for sure. So be aware we’re moving in that direction with crown in hand.

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