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What is going on with HatchetRadio?!?

Written by on November 16, 2023

Hey My Homies! What’s up this is Rick O I wanted to kind of update you on the bottom update a bit more because I know you guys like reading posts. So we are starting to ready the ship for production in 2024. When we do that we have to go through all of our old catalog and update it. The interviews that were done by some people are not property of HatchetRadio, so we contact the people who have given us permission to update. When you have split ownership it’s the right thing to do, because people change over time and sometimes when they have families they no longer want to be affiliated. We’ve done this for so many of our past DJ’s who took professional careers elsewhere that it’s very necessary at time to facilitate to them. Plus it free’s up a lot of space within the ranks of the AutoDJ because interviews DO take up a lot of space depending on their quality.

In the case of Buffalo Juggalos, or Arizona Juggalos, they were recorded on our streams, and the guys involved there have given us permission to keep their shows because they go back and watch them. The same with anything from Indie Republic. Indie Republic is no longer around as most of the talent has retired, so with us being Syndicate partners we kept them up and we keep up with their staff too because they do reach out to us. When former staff or podcasters don’t reach out to us, we have to reach out to them every few years and just restore that relationship. In the case of the earlier post, many of us have reached out multiple times, but as one of the owners, we have to do what we are asked to do. So it’s sad we have to remove content, but you do what you’re asked. So we apologize to fans of any of the podcasts or music we have to remove, but it’s just ethics.

The next part of this update is going to be a bit more off the wall. So as you guys notice we are slowly but surely updating a few things within the website. We are working towards getting HatchetShack Discord Chat up and on the website for you guys. Billy & myself are in the background absolutely working on new scripts & modules for the websites. There’s a lot of planning going into some shows. Nothing in concrete quite yet, but we are moving forward with the planning portions. We know the website has NOT been getting any live love as far as talent goes, we are aware of that, and we are working on something super dope in 2024. Just cool your heels! Lastly I want to give a huge shout out to all of the network staff over the past week. We have completed a drastic move and areĀ  ahead of pace without any errors. So thanks staff! Until next time Be real!

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