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Same HatchetRadio, New Location!

Written by on October 25, 2023

Welcome my friends and how are you all doing this wonderful day. This is Rick O The Terrible coming your way just kind of meandering about making sure the website has it’s updates. So I wanted to kind of have a conversation with you guys really quick about how we are doing, and what is in store for you guys in the upcoming months. So lets get started with the topics at hand, Questions from you fans that I have garnered over the last few months.

Where did everyone go?

Still here for the most part as far as the crew goes dating back to 2011. We still have JuggaloIRC, we still run with TheBooth & Sinista1, Sashadoll is still around collecting pets like Pokemon, Leffy is still mining Kudzu in the bowels of Georgia. Trazor is lost in Florida again, Arthane is on the back of milk carton, not because he’s missing, but because he wants everyone to believe that he’s missing, and I’m out in the Western United States. So that kinda sums up that question.

Are there any live shows still?

On Air, not at the moment, we are working on some projects in the upcoming months now that my office has been erected and we are slowly getting my equipment set up, we haven’t really done anything live on HatchetRadio in many many years, and we’re aware of that. There’s many causes to that, some people will state there was drama, no false, not true. We haven’t had live shows running since 2017, when I signed off for the last time with MasterWillz on The Main Event Show. Simply put, I had a lot of distractions personally, other people can speak for themselves, but what I observed from working with so many, many great talents spanning over two decades, is that people will have great ideas, come & go as they please, and there’s really not much you can do when they have their minds set and they want to go do something else, or they have achieved everything they have wanted in the situation and are now looking at the reality of  it’s just not their time anymore. So we have had discussions since April with the staff, and yes we are putting some things together, but all of the live stuff is on our FaceBook Page. We keep it simple. However I personally will be returning live on air in 2024, more on that later.

Will you be remodeling the website?

Not in the near future, we might rearrange the current layout, change a few colors here and there but we are NOT taking the website down for any reason other than normal updates, & if there’s a service outage that’s beyond our control, but we have super reliable hosting. So no, the website will remain.


Are you guys still playing new artists?

As they submit music, yes. Artists can contact us on our Social Networking Page (FaceBook is preferred we can all see it at the same time). We will work out the details. We cannot play your Spotify or Youtube Links, We have to have MP3’s with Meta-Tagging done (We can do the meta tags if need be). But we can discuss that.

Did you guys Sell to a big Corporation, and are the new owners?

No, The Original Owners are still active, still tune in, we have been the same administrative staff since 2003 pretty much with just new additions that stuck around. We aren’t a corporate entity, we are privately owned. We like to keep it simple.


Are you guys looking for DJ’s or Podcasters or Webmasters?

Webmasters No. Podcasters & DJ’s we’re always up for discussion for new talent. I don’t like to ignore good opportunities for people and for the station. We have always kept an open ear and an open door for people to have discussion with us on what they need to get started, or advice, we don’t compete, there’s noone even in our weight class anymore. Nobody has done what we have done nor will they for as long as we have.

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