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Welcome Gaslit Gaming!

Written by on August 23, 2023

Hey Folks! What’s shaking, So there’s going to be some confusion as we are setting up our new addition to the network Gaslit Gaming, which is our gaming community & is available on the multiplatform Discord ( We are going to be building a website which is why some of you who are from the Gaslit Community are over here at HatchetRadio is because the website is currently under construction so we just redirected the domain to a portal that we can communicate through. So many people on both sides are wondering why would we do a community based website? Simple, we have a gang of coordinated talent that is wanting to put together something special for everyone in the community & network. We have a ton of people on discord who have their own Twitch & Kick Streams that we would like to showcase. HatchetRadio was always about Indie Music. Gaslit is about Gaming, and even though we’ve always tried to mix the two on the station, it for some reason just didn’t fit for us. So now with Gaslit we can cover both music & gaming creatively on both websites and borrow from each other. This is exciting for both Gaslit & HatchetRadio because it’s a merging of online talents, and it encompasses so much more. I’m looking forward to it all and cannot wait to get started on the system.

Once the Gaslit website comes up those of you who portal over will need to register on the new website if you want to fully interact with it. So please take note of that, and remember folks, follow the rules on the discord server. So what are we going to be doing? Well we’ll have each streamers twitch feeds available on the website, access to the discord server via the web so you can login via your browser, we’ll set up HatchetRadio’s webplayer for those who want to game & jam. We are inviting people to join our gaming community to broaden it out, and to get news on games like The Diablo Series, Starcraft Universe, World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, Overwatch, and many more. So we’re going to be moving forward with the project over the next few weeks, just pay attention and enjoy!

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