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So Much News! So Little Time.

Written by on August 12, 2023

Hey Folks, Rick O The Terrible out here with you guys wanting to give you guys kind of an update. We have had quite a few questions come in since Summer Started, and we wanted to work with you guys on some news and answer the Questions a lot of our old school fans, former staff, & random people who visit the website have asked. This is a long post, so Please be prepared to read some if you’re wanting to know what’s going on with us at the moment and what kind of lead up to some of the events that are going on.

“What happened with the relaunch in 2019/2020?”

A series of unfortunate events honestly to really put it into perspective. One of our long time network administrators passed away, 1 of our heavily involved talent also passed away who had a couple of shows planned, & our hosting companies decided to sell to one of their competitors after over 12 years of service. So we kind of sort of had a series of unfortunate events that really took the wind out of our sails. and before anyone asks “Well you could have.” We’ve maintained good relationships with a lot of our talent over the years, whether it’s DeadBilly, Arthane, Trazor, Leffy, or myself, one of us has maintained contact with a good chunk of our staff over the years. So when you’ve built loving and caring relationships with people you’ve been around for so very long, people are irreplaceable, period. With the loss of Jinxii & Ninjer within a month of each other, it put a halt on everything on both sides of the fence for us until we could move to the layout you see now which was in 2022. So it took us a couple of years to get ourselves sorted enough to at least have the website in Legacy.

“Why are there no more Live DJ’s?”

Good question! So being a live DJ required a lot of different things with just about literally ANY System set up you use. After 2015 the world really evolved with Digital Subscription Software, to Streaming Services, and Social networking boomed. and honestly it just really became hard for a lot of folks to keep up with the shuffle. In 2011 we turned on the AutoDJ because of the fact that it was hard to keep up. People had to have Computers Fast enough, enough music, good internet connection, good microphone qualities, sometimes we would get some DJ’s who were try hards and burn themselves out in an instant and then disappear. Others would go on long shows a few times a month, others would be part of a huge hosting panel. So we had different types of shows going on but ultimately, getting good production together at the same time was tedious for most. So it just kind of became the norm for us to keep the AUTODJ up and run shows on different platforms since they had more population and we could just store usable content here for you guys to access.

“What happened to Indie Republic Network”

Well one of the main creators is still with us, which is Keith “Sinista1” Hayes, he’s a part of Whoobazoo. Sayjin “Mayhem” Tyler is still with us promoting Making Money Ent.  But the rest of the content creators, network admins, and cohosts went their separate ways into the world of the unknown around 2017. Cyber Narcotics retired, MasterWillz focused on career & family, which is important to all of us, MSLB is off running a universe of her own, L-Wright is business savvy, and of course we lost TooBig a couple of years ago which was a tremendous blow to everyone. So when they shut down their service in 2017, HatchetRadio Network was born, and we’ve been hosting a lot of the legacy content since 2017. We took over the Social Networking Pages we had access to, and just kind of keep them going. Sinista1 has been a menace with “The Booth” each and every week on our FaceBook Pages. SashaDoll, Leffy, & DeadBilly all rejoined us in some way shape or form.

“What happened with all the interviews? I heard you guys were trying to get Adam Sandler, what happened?”

Simply put, COVID interrupted every industry in the world during the pandemic, and we were not immune. The Lockdown gave us ZERO opportunity to book interviews, and we tried. So many artists, actors, commentary, athletes and so on were working on their own brand during those 2 1/2 years. So it was impossible. All the tours were cancelled, artists were becoming more closed off and releases became exclusive. We had were working with Adams PR agent before the Pandemic, He had signed an agreement with NetFlix, and were supposed to catch him for about 10-15 minutes for an interview, and it all went down hill from there. We also had worked with DJ Clay & Sin from Zug Izland, to be on with them, but we started encountering hardware issues with the live streams, and recording, so we nixed interviews until we got that side upgraded(Chrome turned on Security features which disabled literally half the website if you were viewing through chrome).

“What are your plans in the future?”

We are currently working on a new project. One that includes HatchetRadio, a good majority of its staff, & Streamers. I can’t go into the details because we are still laying the concrete foundation on what we want to deliver, but to kinda let the cat peak out of the bag, we homebrewed a gaming community, and we’ll be working on adding streamers & content that we know from that community as a part of the network. I am currently speaking moving, so once the dust settles on that, I can 110% Certify that The Rick O Show Live & Uncut will be returning to Twitch, Kick, & HatchetRadio Network. We will also be working with an assortment of new and old co-hosts for some shows, this is all happening 2023/Early 2024. We’ll keep you posted.


“Can we Get involved with HatchetRadio & How?”

Honestly, with what we have going, we’ll put you guys onto it once it’s solid. I don’t want to put too much out there, however, as far as Djing goes. It’s something we’ll bring up in our next meeting. We want to have live DJ’s. We are interested, but in the large scale of things we need to see where we can focus. Again Thanks for the questions! We’ll keep you guys updated!

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