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HatchetRadio Happenings & More Part 1

Written by on April 25, 2023

Welcome! I was hoping to get a few views on this since we still have traffic coming in and out of the website. I know that it’s been a good minute since we had a talk, and I just wanted to thank you folks. I sat back last week, wanting to write this but I took some time to reflect first. I wanted to capture the moment with the best words I could, so I wanted to start by saying, Thank you, Every single one of you fans, every single one of you staff members from the DJ’s, to the street team, to the booking, and production staff. Anyone who ever muttered our stations name deserves a huge thanks for promoting us over the last 2 decades. You are the heart and soul of this station.

So I had a lot of frequently asked questions over the years and I wanted to kind of put them in public. So you guys can have an understanding of what was going on with us, and you guys can see with all transparency where we are.

Why are there no live DJ’s?

Technological changes. When we first got started phones weren’t really online yet, and desktops & laptops ruled the roost. Now everything has a connection online and there’s so many different operating systems, and formats, etc. etc., A lot of folks just found it easier to go mobile, and so we became antiquated. We are on a few app formats like Tune In. But honestly the be able to DJ, people just don’t have either the equipment or the formatting to do it anymore. We’ve had A LOT of DJ’s from the past hit us up, take a look at what they were going to need personally and then just not go through with it and decide that it was just too much for them to get back into something part time, so we understood. So we just decided a programmed autodj format was better for you guys.

What happened with the Chatroom on JuggaloIRC?

Well fortunately it’s still around, DeadBilly & the staff over at JiRC have kept it around. I pop in to the people who are trolling in there, leave a few messages, and then bounce back off. Honestly, we were looking at several chatting formats for people. We realized that iRC went out in the mid 90’s, but we kept it around because it was an easy format for us to admin. We looked into Ventrilo, Discord, TeamSpeak, but nothing ever felt right, so we removed the IRC Chat from the network for a little bit while it was under temporary ownership, and then brought it back when we brought the site back up in 2018 with a new layout. Both JuggaloIRC & HatchetRadio & HatchetRadio Network all have their respected Facebook Pages. I’d recommend you follow, and try to get ahold of some of the originals.

Where are the interviews & podcasts?

We have a section on the website for them. We tried to keep around everything we could with multiple backups but due to just well being around 20 years, things get lost to time. We’re constantly finding things as we go through back ups, and we add them immediately, but if you’re looking for something you did, and it’s not up on the website, It’s nothing personal, but we’ve had over a dozen different hosts, and multiple back ups go bad due to hardware failure over 20 years. It just happens. If you just so happen to find something we’re missing you can feel free to e-mail them to We’ll do our best to get it up once we authenticate it.

Do you guys ever plan on making a come back?

Honestly, I’ve always been open shop for people who wanted to make a come back. The issue you run into is just at our age, it’s lack of time. Most of the HatchetRadio Staff have families, kids, grand kids, are working towards retirement, or are just working. So when we talk about putting together shows, theres a lot of hours that go into planning, not to mention having multiple people do it. We’ve always been open to our staff wanting to come back and do shows. It’s just a matter of time honestly, which a lot of folks don’t have.

What’s next?

Honestly, I retired a few years ago from streaming. I just handle the news when I can and keep things going along with Arthane & Trazor. We talk still from time to time. But it’s always ran itself. We’ll just keep our ears to the ground and enjoy what we’ve done over the past 20, and see where we head in the next 20. Who knows? Down the road, anyone is subject to making a comeback. Never say never.

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