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HatchetRadio Needs a Team!

Written by on June 7, 2022

Hey, What’s shaking folks wanted to toss this update first before we get into the crazy news above this post. So with the new layout and with the added tour dates, we have some things we can’t always get pressed on due to well.. Living normal average everyday lives. So what we are looking for is some brave ass people who help us man a few things. So what are we looking for on HatchetRadio? Well Here’s what we’re looking for

News Team: Yes we need a news team. Our website is very well put together, we aren’t looking for webmasters, we are looking for podcasters, journalists, and people like you who love to talk about music, sports, gaming, and anything else that might interest people. In this role you will have limited access to posting abilities, audio & video uploads, as well as being able to assist any of the on air talent with posted news items (of course giving you credit/mentions).

On-Air Team: The ON air Team will consist of DJ’s & Broadcasters, Hosts, Co-Hosts to help out with production of shows, interviews, and podcasts as well as manning their own shows. With this you will need audio equipment. Microphone(s), & Headsets are mandatory, as well as proper streaming software. Production quality is up to the caster/streamer. So all the end result is on you. Any podcasts or recorded interviews will be put on the Podcast section of HatchetRadio with credit to the caster/streamer.

Booking Team: We need a booking team. Our bookers have all retired from the industry and moved forward. This helps the On-Air Team & News Team with gaining valuable interviews with clients. We have done many interviews in the past due to proper booking and have been met with great success. This role requires constant contact with management, On Air Talent, The News Team. The other roles can self book, however a booking team handling the administrative side of things comes in handy.

Chatroom Network Team: Yes.. We have a chat network sponsored by JuggaloIRC. We need some chat moderators during peak times to keep the chat clean.


So this is what we are looking for if you have any inquiries about any of the roles here at HatchetRadio you may e-mail us at   If you have any questions comments or concerns. Now onto the news for the day.. Please scroll up!

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