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Diablo Immortal Beta Releases today on PC

Written by on June 2, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the last couple of years in mobile gaming has been all about Diablo Immortal. After a  massive rallying cry from the PC community, Blizzard decided to also crossplay/crossplatform the game with PC. Today at 1pm EST Diablo Immortal will be released on PC as it was released a day earlier on Mobile to set the tone for the network. So far I’ve put about 4 hours into 2 characters and have so far enjoyed seeing and interacting with the game. I’ve not hit any kind of paywall in PVE, however looking at how the game is structured, you’re really not going to until you have to run it back on a higher difficulty, but more so when you get into the Higher Tier Rifts, which play exactly just like the ones in Diablo 3. The rewards are going to explain a lot about the game, but at the same time, it’s free to play with the pay to win aspect coming in the form of Gems for gear (PVP). With the introduction of Warbands (Clans/Guilds) I think it’s safe to say this early, where it may go. The servers are busy, bustling with players and there’s plenty to get into. So instead of crying about it being pay 2 win, How about you just download it and play it through just for the sake of running it back with friends.

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