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Dragon Con Ticket Prices Announced!

Written by on June 1, 2022

What’s up homies! Rick O Here coming at you with a little bit of news. This came from our Native Georgian Resident Leffy who’s geeking out at the fact that we’re even covering this on the website. Nerd Culture baby, Anyways she has reported the pricing in for Dragon Con Tickets as of right now.

“DragonCon just posted: Membership options: Thur: $20 Fri: $50 Sat: $70 Sun: $60 Mon: $40 Sat – Mon: $130 Sun – Mon: $80 Full weekend: $160 (after June 18) These memberships will be extremely limited in number and most likely sell out. These specific membership options will be released after our COVID protocols are announced no later than August 1.” -Leffy

Now what this means is that the Parade isn’t confirmed due to COVID restrictions in Atlanta, so they are working with the government. There are also some “Eternals” Tickets which are the premium access for the entire event plus housing and other perks going for $4,000. This is up $1,000 from previous years as quoted. This Event is surely shaping up and we hope to get more information from you guys FOR you guys. Until then Enjoy the morning!

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